Whether you just need one security guard to patrol your office park a few times a night or you need a security officer to remain onsite, we will work with you to ensure all of your employees and assets stay safe.

Office Park Security

  • A foot or mobile security team can patrol business or industrial parks and businesses with large campuses

  • A foot or mobile patrol officer can check all parking structures and lots to deter auto theft, and ensure only registered or permitted vehicles are in your parking lot

  • The guards will check entrances to buildings are closed and locked after business hours

Highrise Office Lock-up

  • The guard will make sure your tenants' suites, maintenance buildings, and outside entrances are locked

  • Monitor parking structures to make sure all entrances, stairwells, restrooms, and other doors are locked

  • Set all alarms to your office highrise and parking structures

  • Make sure dumpsters, maintenance buildings, and outside restrooms are locked

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