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Commercial Security Services Oceanside

At Oceanside Security Agency, we take pride in providing your business with commercial security services in Oceanside, CA. Our security guards have state certifications and the most up-to-date technology to keep you and your assets safe. Whatever your company's security needs, we can help ensure that extra level of protection. There is no job to big or small for us. Contact us today and let us start protecting you and your assets tomorrow.

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Keeping your Commercial Property Safe.

Commercial Service Includes

  • Office Building - A security officer at the front door, during or after business hours, will help keep your company safe.

  • Construction site - When the construction workers go home for the evening, your property is safe from vandals and trespassers.

Building like these require commercial security services

    Specially Trained

  • Educational Institutions: Bomb threats, school shootings, and even knife attacks are a potential threat. Give your students and faculty that extra level of security

  • Mall Security: Whether you need to ensure the safety of a smaller strip mall or hundreds of stores in a shopping plaza, we can organize a security team got you.

  • Hospitals and Medical Parks: Let us keep your patients and staff safe, so they can focus on keeping themselves healthy.