Construction Site Security

  • Our security officers will make sure all entrances are closed and locked at the end of the day

  • Our on-site foot patrol will make routine rounds of all entrances throughout the night to ensure no breach of security

  • An officer will escort terminated employees off of the site and will lead security briefings

  • Standing guards will make sure all vehicles have proper identification before being permitted to enter the construction site

  • A security team will set up exit routes and other safety protocol in case of emergencies, such as fires or explosions or injuries

Roadwork Security

  • A security team will reroute vehicle and foot traffic to ensure no interference with your project and for public safety

  • Foot patrol officers will monitor the perimeter for security risks

  • Our security officers will lock entrances at the end of the day and unlock them at the beginning of each day

  • Standing guards will check IDs at entrances will guard and your site overnight

  • All employees will receive security briefings, and our security officers will escort terminated employees off of the site

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