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  1. Michael J. Cooper

    Dear Oceanside Security Agency:

    I am writing in response to your security guard position. Your prerequisites for the job and skills sit parallel with the training I have received. This is a list of qualities that explains why I would be an ideal candidate for the position.

    • My personal traits reflect punctuality, dependability and reliability.

    • I am a productive team player, I handle stressful situations with ease, I am an attentive listener, and an excellent problem solver.

    I look forward to having the pleasure of meeting with you in person and to begin a successful career as a security guard.


    Michael J. Cooper

  2. Deborah Gardner

    To: Oceanside Security Agency;
    I would Be A Very Reliable Employer. I have Worked Many 10, & 12 Hour SHIFTS, before.
    I Have ALWAYS worked Holidays, & Weekends. I Can Work ANY Shift, but I have Worked
    Mostly Afternoon, & Evening Shifts.
    Thank You So Much for your Time & Attention;;
    Deborah Gardner.

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