At Oceanside Security Agency, we understand people about to graduate from high school, college, or another educational institutes can get excited. We'll set up a security team to make sure you, your staff, your graduating class, and family and friends stay safe.

High School Graduations

  • Our 24/7 monitoring station will alert an alarm response security team if your alarm sounds

  • Our monitoring station will set your alarm for you if you forget to set it

  • Our monitoring station will verify authorization if the alarm is disarmed at an unscheduled time

  • If you or one of your employees manually activates the alarm, we will respond immediately

College Graduations

  • Our security officers will patrol the graduation venue for potential safety threats

  • A security team will monitor all entrances to the graduation venue to ensure no security threats

  • A security officer can check invitees at the entrance for tickets and weapons

  • Our security guards will check graduating students for any hidden weapons or illegal devices

  • Foot or mobile patrol officers can monitor parking structures to ensure no car theft or illegal activity

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